CHLA Events

Event  Date  Time  Coordinator 
Park and Rec Party  June 15
 5:00 PM  Executive Committee
Club Opens, lifeguards on duty  June 16 10:00 AM  
Pizza Truck  June 28  6:00 PM  
Preliminary Meeting  June 30  11::00 AM  
*July 4th Potluck July 4  5:00 pm  
Pizza Truck  July 27  6:00 PM
Watersports Day  August 18  11:00 AM  Lifeguards
Annual Meeting  August 25  4:00 PM  Executive Committee
CHLA Steak Out  September 1  5:00 PM
CHLA Steak Out - Rain Date  September 2  5:00 PM   

*July 4th Potluck:  The Executive Committee will be hosting a potluck on July 4 at 5:00 p.m.  We are hoping for a good turnout, especially of new members, so we can meet each other!  Warning, there may be name tags involved.  So, if you've been wondering who all those strangers are at CHLA, this is a good night to come and put some names to the faces.  More details will be sent before the event.