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Cream Hill Lake Association

Preliminary Meeting

June 24, 2023 

10:00 a.m. Via Zoom



Tennis Committee

Building and Grounds Committee

Entertainment Committee:

Waterfront Committee:

Finance Committee

Membership Committee


Tennis Committee 

Kate Green, Chair

Looking forward to a great tennis season at CHLA!

Omni Courts are open now, clay courts will be open next week. We need rain and several rollings before they are ready for play, so please observe signage and the reservations site and stay off until then.   

Lots of fun tennis events in the works including:

Australian Doubles Caper (Monday July 3)

Women's Round Robin Mixer 3.0-3.5 level (Saturday July 8)

Men's Round Robin Mixer 3.0-3.5 level (Saturday July 15)

Multi-Gen Doubles (Saturday August 5)

Labor Day Tournament (last two weeks in August plus Labor Day weekend)

Recurring Events (dates/times may be changed as needed):

     Curated Doubles (Fridays 4:30-6pm and Sundays 4:30-6pm)

     Interclub matches on Friday and other mornings  (We will play against other clubs in the area.  Hoping for 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 co-ed participation)

Sign-Up Genius will be used to sign up for these sessions, and all players are invited and welcome! You will receive more information about all of these events as they draw nearer. If you would like to help with any of these, we would LOVE it!   

Todd Piker will be running the CHLA tennis clinics from 8am to 12:30 on the Omni Courts during the month of July and ending August 3. Please contact Todd  ASAP to register.

A few things to keep in mind:

        When you book a tennis court please show up on time, and if you decide not to use your reservation, please be courteous and cancel it as soon as you know.  There are a lot of tennis players at CHLA and some court times are very popular.  It is a waste to have a court standing empty at a prime time because someone neglected to cancel their reservation.  Walk-ons are allowed but reservations always take precedence.    

           If you are not registered with Reserve My Court, click on this link and it will take you through the process (allow some time as you will need to wait for approval). Only CHLA members may use this account. Bookings start at 8am for the next day's courts. Please note:  All non-members must be signed in as guests under your account to play tennis at any time. There will be a QR code near the court entrances for you to use to enter this information or simply sign the guest(s) in with the lifeguards.    

          Please note the following policy:  the Executive Committee has decided that anyone who wants to bring in their own tennis teacher may do so, using teaching Court 4 and booking it with the club's reservation system (Reserve My Court).   If teachers are not members a guest fee must be paid.

Be a good tennis community member!

          Allow time at the end to sweep and brush the clay courts, and return the brooms to their appropriate locations. Tennis shoes only on the clay courts (no bare feet, either). Do not use the clay courts if they are wet. You could make holes that would not be fixable for the season.    

           Please take your tennis trash home with you. There are no trash receptacles at CHLA.              

          Micah Matsudaira will be rolling the clay courts about every other day.  If you see issues with any of the courts, please contact Kate Green and she will work on getting it fixed.      

Thank you for your enthusiasm as we get rolling with CHLA tennis for the Summer of 2023!   

Building and Grounds Committee

Ronnie Lizana, Chair

With the building back in action – we’ll be starting up house cleaning services again.  Jake Thulin, evening custodian at Cornwall Consolidated School will be cleaning our building twice a week.

You’ll notice repairs to floating docks and a refreshed flower bed.

During the summer, we’ll be transforming the boat storage. Outdoor yokes will move to the far side of the clubhouse to give more beach and lawn room for hanging out. The boathouse will be tweaked to accept more paddleboards. “Publicly available” boats will still be on the beach. Once this is done, we’ll be reaching out to members looking to store watercraft. Please refrain from bringing new watercraft until that point, and if you have a boat already stored, please note that storage costs will likely increase. We’ll be formalizing a boat storage process going forward. Final cost will be made available once the reorganization is complete.

We will be adding a new pier at the end of the “baby pool” area to clearly delineate watercraft launching area from the swim area and provide a lower dock for jumping youngsters.

Also on the “big list” this year are gutters in several spots to help preserve the new work and outside areas of the clubhouse.

Eyes are on a few larger upcoming projects, including a refurbishment of the Omni courts, rafts, and of the apartment, but those are a few years off.

Entertainment Committee:

Bill McClane, Chair

Looking forward to a varied and exciting summer of events.

Stand up Paddleboard lessons to introduce newcomers to the fastest growing watersport in America and to give pointers to those already familiar.

Dancing and live music plays a strong cord in this year’s programming. Waltzing and Square-Dancing bookend the year - and there’s more music throughout the summer.

The Rummage Ball is back so you can show off your new-found finery.

Special effort has been made to keep prices low and even free whenever possible. Here's the Save the Date calendar:

Waterfront Committee:

Cay Tyson, Chair

The Waterfront committee is excited for the 2023 season! We will be returning to our more traditional lifeguard locations as the clubhouse renovation is completed.

We are happy to announce Mitch Kosciusko will be our head lifeguard this year. This is Mitch’s 6th year working at CHLA. In addition to his abundant experience as a lifeguard, Mitch has been an EMT for 2 years. Most of our lifeguards from last year will be returning and we will have few new faces. We will be posting more information about this great team of lifeguards soon. Make sure to introduce yourself when you come down to the waterfront. They enjoy getting to know you!


Liv Scott will be returning to run our swim lesson program. Liv has been teaching swim lessons for over ten years and coached the Cornwall swim team for a couple of summers. In addition to their Water Safety Instructor Certification and USA Swim Coach Certification, they also received their Swim America Teaching Certification this fall. Liv spent the winter teaching children swim lessons and training other instructors at Simon’s Rock in Great Barrington. We are lucky to have Liv back!  Please see this link about more information about swim lessons and sign up.

The Town of Cornwall will once again be sponsoring a swim team. Swim practice and meets will be held at Hammond Beach and CHLA . Attached to this email is the information and swim team sign up form.

Please be aware, as part of their required ongoing training, lifeguards will be reviewing skills and participating in some waterfront safety drills at the start of the season and you may see some of this happening.  

We want everyone having fun at the waterfront this summer, but safety is our priority. A few reminders: Lifeguards are responsible for managing waterfront safety. Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult while at the lake. Please remind yourself and your family of the CHLA waterfront rules by going to this link or the CHLA website. Lifeguards are happy to help clarify questions you might have about the rules. Please avoid asking them questions while they are watching the water. Of course, waterfront committee members are always happy to help with questions or concerns.

Finance Committee

Caspar Luard, Chair

The CHLA Finance Committee was set up in January 2023. The Committee has met 5 times and is chaired by Caspar Luard. The additional Finance Committee members are Alison Schweizer, Spencer Compton, Julie Beglin. Meetings have been attended by Executive Committee President Lory Bevans. The meetings have focused on the following:

Membership Committee

Susie Ott, Chair

Membership Changes since August 2022:

New Emeritus members: Jim Terrall, John Green, and Sue Johnson

Resignations: Mark and Joy Marino, Harriet Hubbard, Nancy Wolfson-Moche, and Megan Wilson

New Members: Martin Chalk and Brooke Garnett, Paul and April Klausner, Marina Munoz and Robert Nethery, Sam Bruehl and Shoshana Pinedo, Joe and Suzanne DiRocco, Angus Gracey, Kate and Rem Reynolds, Nick and Eiseley Kotchoubey, Tatiana Kotchoubey, and Will and Caitlin Evans

Declined to become members: Ron and Betzabet Goldstein

Annual Guests: Evan Bardot and Maggie Tauranac

Extended Family Memberships: Zach Zuckerman

And sad goodbyes to long time members Philla Osborne and Martha Loutfi.

Renovation Furniture/Finishing Committee

Emilie Pryor, Kate Green, Kristen Bedell

The furniture/finishing committee would like to ask membership for the following: mirrors for use in bathrooms and changing rooms. We need 5-6 so we thought it would be fun to have a variety. We are also interested in a gently used outdoor lounge furniture set. Please send a photo to Emilie Pryor (, who will share with the committee. Please don't just drop them off at CHLA!

May 28, 2022 Special Meeting Video  Access Passcode: Cq7+U^Aq

May 28, 2022 Special Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2022 Renovation Finances Informational Meeting Video Access Passcode: Wh2&i#PK

May 14, 2022 Renovation Plans Informational Meeting Video  Access Passcode: aAQZ3%jG 

Schematic Plans

Annual Meeting 2021 Video  Access Passcode: Qf1n@YSJ

Annual Meeting 2021 Minutes

Preliminary Meeting 2021 Video  Access Passcode: cX@2cp#N

Preliminary Meeting 2021 Minutes