Waterfront Rules

  1. The "Swimming Area" shall be the area bounded by the dock, the rafts, and such markers as may be deployed for the purpose of defining the swimming area, the limits to be set by the lifeguards.

  2. The lifeguards are responsible only for the swimming area. Persons who swim outside of it do so at their own risk.

  3. Boats of all types are not allowed in the swimming area.

  4. Persons are not to swim under the docks or rafts.

  5. Persons are not to indulge in unsafe activities within the swimming area or on the rafts: running on rafts, jumping onto persons in the water, pushing persons from the rafts or dock, using floating devices in an unsafe manner, or throwing stones or sand.

  6. Soap is not to be used in the lake or on the beach.

  7. Fishing is prohibited in the swimming area and from all docks and rafts at all times.

  8. Refuse is not to be thrown in the lake.

  9. Floating devices are not to be substituted for swimming ability.

  10. Infants and children under 12 years of age are to be accompanied and supervised by their parents or other responsible adults at all times when on Association property or in the water.

  11. The Lifeguard's boat and other water safety equipment are only to be used in an emergency or under the lifeguard's direction.

  12. Persons are not to engage in unnecessary conversation with a lifeguard on duty.

  13. Persons are to observe applicable personal safety rules such as not making false calls for help, and not swimming immediately after eating, when overheated, during an electrical storm, or chewing gum.

  14. All children under the age of 12 must demonstrate to the lifeguards their swimming ability before being allowed to swim in deep water.

  15. Lifeguards are not to answer the phone unless there is nobody in the water.

  16. The lifeguards are empowered to enforce these rules, and make such other rules as are deemed necessary for the safety and enjoyment of the waterfront.